Information Sources

Below you will find a collection of documents that might come in useful for your personal battle against the local farmer and those wretched gasguns.

NFU Code of Practice
A must read for all!

Version 09/01/2017
NFU Code of Practice.pdf


The Rutland Council Advice Sheet on Bird Scarer Noise Complaints
‍There are many similar ones on the web, this one is included because it is by far the most competent and informative. It has a nice graphic that shows how baffling guns reduces the noise nuisance.
Bird Scarer Advice Sheet RCC.pdf

Evidence of Effectiveness of Auditory Bird Scaring Devices

Nobody doubts that woodpigeons do damage to crops, but how much is literally anyone’s guess. For a no-nonsense summary of the state of knowledge, click here. Note the use of the word fag-packet-calculation…

No one really knows what bird scaring methods, or combination of methods,  are effective against which species and for which crops. There is almost nothing published in the literature (UK, US, Canada, Australia). What little evidence there is, is either old, poor quality or too small a sample size to allow drawing any conclusions. The work has never been done.

When it comes to the use of gasguns, literally nothing is based on science. While other professionals run international, multicentre, randomized controlled trials to establish facts that inform their practice, British farmers set off millions of detonations with all the scientific evidence of medieval quacks applying leeches. 

One well designed study series that sheds light on the issue was funded by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB). The papers can be found on this website.

The summaries are well worth reading …

Impulse Noise

Gasgun explosions are “impulse noise”, short burst of very loud sound, which have characteristics and effects distinctly different from continuous noise nuisances – loud music, barking dogs, windfarm noise. There is almost nothing published on this that would help Environmental Health Departments assess impulse noise better, so some very astute department use this as a guide. As far as we know, it was never officially accepted as a guideline, but it contains useful reference data.

Clay Target Shooting Guidance on the Control of Noise.pdf


Noise kills.

The WHO estimates that across Europe, environmental noise causes 12000 excess deaths and 48000 new cases of heart disease each year. The link between noise and death is most commonly through the cardiovascular effects mediated by stress hormones. Below a few selected review papers that include explanations. Highly specialist, but useful for those who work to fight the noise nuisance under Sect 82, on grounds of “prejudicial to health”.

Auditory and non-auditory effects of noise on health.pdf

Health effects caused by noise : Evidence in the literature from the past 25 yearsIsing H, Kruppa B – Noise Health

Non-auditory community Noise Report (Australia 2004)

ICBEN review of research on the biological effects of noise2011-2014.pdf



Measuring Noise 

Measuring noise in a manner that gives meaningful data is the domain of experts. The cheap noise meters available online are very useful to measure continuous noise (chainsaw, traffic, background levels). They are NOT useful to measure impulse noise.

This article gives an overview of measuring impact (here called “impulse”) noise with a smartphone. If you need something more sophisticated, but don’t have the money to employ an acoustics expert, ask for advice in the discussion forum.

 Measuring Impact Noise with Smartphone Apps.pdf


Policy, Government and International 

A random selection of documents, designed to give a flavour of how much “environmental noise” is moving up the agenda, to encourage you to take it serious: prolonged exposure to noise from gasguns is more than just an annoyance, or as the law calls it, nuisance.  

Noise kills.

Noise Policy Statement for England.pdf

Noise Pollution Economic Analysis –

WHO Guidelines on Noise.pdf

House of commons briefing paper on noise nuisanceCBP-8040.pdf


Other Gunshot Noise, Rope Banger Use

For many, the explosion noise of  gun ranges, hunting & shooting events, shooters employed by farmers to kill pests, rope banger use, farmers organising clay pigeon shooting events on their land to supplement income ect, significantly adds to the year-round Battle-of-Waterloo soundscape. A few selected documents for information

How to Oppose Shooting.pdf

For anyone considering court, Statutory nuisances and how to react to service of smell, noise and other abatement notices.pdf, a must read: the advice leaflet produced by the NFU for businesses served with an abatement notice under Sect 79. Sect 79 and 82 are almost identical: if you’re an Environmental Health Department, you use Sect 79, if you’re a private individual, you use Sect 82. From the farmer’s POV, the defence will be the same. The document doesn’t even mention Sect 82, presumably because farmers are so rarely challenged by private prosecution.