Welcome to Gasguns.RIP


This site is dedicated to help victims of noise nuisance created by bird scarers. 


You probably arrived on this website because you are driven to distraction by the detonations of an bird scarer like the one in the picture. Rest assured, you are not alone: Environmental Health Departments across the country receive more than 700 complaints about the devices every year.

This website is intended to give you all the information you need to fight abusive farmers who recklessly misuse the devices, often anonymously. Information ranges from advice on the NFU Code of Practice, how to report nuisance, how to find a hidden gun, non-auditory health effects of noise, how to commence legal proceedings against landowners & farmers.

If you would like to join the cause or just want advice on a specific issue affecting you – anything related to noise abuse by gasguns – join the discussion in the discussion forum



Thank you notes

The original activism came from https://www.b-oom.co.uk/, maintained by Sue Gladwin and her team for many years. The team still runs a facebook page, but we understand that due to a recent bereavement the sites are not actively maintained. A heartfelt thank you for all the years of hard work to fight the noise abuse!